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Community Campaigns Webinar Update!
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We have a full list of community partners lined up to speak at this upcoming webinar on Community Campaigns! Partnering with community groups to complete Community Campaigns can make this action more manageable for municipalities and can lead to a greater community impact. This webinar will be a great chance to network with partners across the Southern Tier and learn how to have a successful campaign!

In addition, communities can earn up to $60,000 in funding by completing this action!

Community Campaigns Webinar: March 31st

What: Community Campaigns Webinar
When: Wednesday, March 31st, 2021; 5:30pm
Where: Virtual (Register Here)

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With the launch of the new Clean Energy Communities Leadership Round there are now some actions that award grants upon completion. One of these actions is Community Campaigns.

In this webinar we will give an overview of how to complete the Community Campaigns action, the funding that your community will receive upon completion, and introduce you to some partners across the Southern Tier that can make completing the action much easier! Join us and learn how your community can engage in the program and earn funding!

What are Community Campaigns? 
Community-scale campaigns can be an effective way to encourage adoption of new, innovative technologies to generate value and savings for consumers while advancing New York’s clean energy goals. Campaigns to promote program opportunities including community solar, clean heating and cooling and energy efficiency, and demand response can provide consumers with increased access to clean energy. Campaigns are typically short-term, local efforts that brings together groups of potential customers through widespread outreach and education. Well-organized campaigns are a great way to be active and visible in the community.
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What types of Campaigns are part of this action?
  1. Community Solar 
    Commonly referred to as Community Solar, Community Distributed Generation (CDG) is a renewable energy project that will typically offer guaranteed cost savings to subscribers.
  2. Electric Vehicles 
    The local government along with partner organizations and volunteers initiate and develop partnerships with car dealerships, platform providers, and/or other EV industry partners to offer local residents and businesses a variety of makes and models of electric vehicles.
  3. Clean Heating and Cooling and Energy Efficiency 
    The aim of Clean Heating and Cooling is to efficiently use electrical energy to replace other forms of energy, such as fossil fuels. The local government along with partner organizations and volunteers organize a structured campaign to encourage the adoption of clean heating and cooling technologies as well as energy efficiency retrofits to homes, businesses, and community institutions. The local government should also develop partnerships with NYSERDA-approved Clean Heating and Cooling Community Campaigns if they are available in the area.
  4. Demand Response

    Demand response is important because the actions of individual customers can be aggregated in ways that deliver significant value to the grid. Local governments are uniquely positioned to help customers benefit directly from this opportunity. The local government should consider developing partnerships with providers of demand response products and services, like smart thermostat deployments, battery energy storage, and peak saver campaigns.

Your Clean Energy Communities Team is here to facilitate partnerships between local groups and municipalities to successfully complete the Community Campaigns action. 

This webinar will cover an overview of this action, community partners in the Southern Tier, and how your community can gain access to $60,000 in funding!

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