Looking for a job focused on climate solutions? Is your clean energy business or organization hiring?

Check out our new Green Jobs Map! This map features jobs, trainings, internships and more in the clean energy, energy efficiency and clean transportation industries all across New York State. This is an ongoing project that you can contribute to if you know of a position that needs to be filled—add a point via this form here. 

Each point has a description with a point of contact and website.

The resources in the right column of this page provide more information on available clean energy trainings and career pathways.

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The State of Clean Jobs in NY

A trained workforce is critical in the transition to a clean energy economy. Before COVID-19, clean energy jobs were growing at a faster rate than any other sector in New York, as the prices of clean technology decreased and the state made clear policy shifts towards renewable sources of energy. The state also committed more than $100 million through 2025 to clean energy workforce development. According to the NYSERDA Clean Energy Industry Report from 2020 (see fact sheet here), New York is home to 148,000 clean energy jobs, which is down from 165,000 clean energy jobs before the pandemic, however the the report shows clean energy industries are climbing back to where they were, with 5,000 jobs recovered since the May 2020 economy re-opening. Almost 80% of these jobs belong to the energy efficiency field, which pays higher 7-9.5% higher than other in-state HVAC or construction jobs. 

New Yorkers for Clean Power is excited to build on New York’s clean job pathway with our Clean Power Fellowship! Fellows will work to connect individuals to opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as expand our outreach and resources on clean energy jobs.

Check out NYCP’s online teach-in from 2020 on Green Jobs: Making a Living While Making a Difference and our launch video below describing the 2016 Clean Jobs NY report that we created with E2, NYS Sustainable Business Council and ACE NY.