Solar Power

Solar power plays a critical role in transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy and meeting the New York’s aggressive CLCPA mandate of 70% renewable electricity by 2030. Solar energy reduces electricity costs and creating jobs . New Yorkers for Clean Power (NYCP) works to accelerate the adoption of solar by individuals, non-profits, businesses, and municipalities. Our work includes:

  • Building support for large-scale solar projects with United Solar Energy Supporters, Alliance for Clean Energy New York, Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy and others to help communities form solar supporter groups like Friends of Flint Mine Solar and Friends of Columbia Solar Supporters. Stay tuned for Building Our Clean Energy Future: A Toolkit for Supporting Wind and Solar Projects that we co-created with The Nature Conservancy to help community members actively support renewable energy projects proposed in their towns. If you support a wind or solar project in NYS, tell us about it on this form, and be the first to receive our Building Our Clean Energy Future toolkit!
  • Working to achieve the goal of Million Solar Strong NY to double NY-Sun’s 3GW solar. In a recent victory, Governor Cuomo committed to 6GW of solar- enough local solar to power a million homes by 2025.

You can take action today by subscribing to a community solar project! With community solar you will save money on your electric bill while supporting local clean energy! Find a project today.

Check out this 2021 report from the Rocky Mountain Institute on How Rural America Is Reaping Economic Development Benefits from the Growth of Renewables!

Learn more about community and large-scale solar from our online teach-ins below! You can check out more teach-in topics from clean energy industry experts and advocates here and on our Youtube page here.