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While we must now prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable, it is imperative that the next stimulus plan include a Green Jobs Stimulus to address the climate, unemployment and inequality crises facing our country. The Green Jobs Stimulus should create jobs and invest in clean energy infrastructure that support new sustainable renewable energy, clean transportation and energy efficient homes.

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Green Jobs Stimulus

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Leader McCarthy, and Leader Schumer:

In response to the coronavirus crisis, we call on Congress to ensure the next stimulus plan includes a Green Jobs Stimulus to address not only the current recession but also the climate, unemployment and inequality crises facing our country. While we must now prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable and our frontline workers, federal spending to revive the economy should create green jobs making communities healthier and more resilient. Any government stimulus should be spent on a sustainable economy, run on renewable energy and clean transportation infrastructure, not fossil fuels.

As our Congressional leaders, we urge you to include these policy ideas in future stimulus packages, to ensure that America is stronger and more sustainable after this pandemic.

Green Jobs Stimulus Components:

  1. Provide basic utilities, prevent shut-offs and evictions, and increase building efficiency

    • Put a nationwide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures; shut-offs of electricity, gas, water, broadband and reconnect those disconnected prior to the crisis.
    • Expand funding to beneficiaries of Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, (LIHEAP) by a minimum of $500 million.
    • Expand the federal Weatherization Assistance Program to ensure homes are energy efficient and reduce utility costs.
    • Prohibit materials used for weatherization that contain substances that can compromise health or increase COVID-19 risk factors, such as respiratory health hazards.
    • Invest in residential geothermal and efficient heat pumps to permanently reduce heating bills.
  2. Fund the states, local governments and native communities

    • Provide $500 billion to states as requested by the National Governors Association to address budget shortfalls, prevent a reduction in important services and expand clean energy programs.
    • Include native communities in emergency funding to states.
  3. Invest heavily in renewable energy and clean transportation infrastructure

    • Fund workforce development, job training and apprenticeships for clean energy careers that pay a living wage.
    • Make all clean energy tax credits immediately available as direct payments to clean energy businesses & consumers as called for by solar and wind energy industry associations.
    • Extend and expand existing tax credits to companies in the clean energy sector including energy storage, energy efficiency, heat pumps, solar energy, wind energy, and clean transportation.
    • Set up a robust Green Bank with low interest/zero interest loans for clean energy businesses and customers on any weatherization, electrification of buildings and transportation, and renewable energy installations. Loans should include on-bill financing and ‘pay as you save’ payment plans.
    • Continue to fund public transportation which is a lower-carbon alternative to air and automobile travel.
    • Provide tax credits for the purchase of electric cars, buses, taxis, and charging infrastructure.
  4. No funding to the fossil fuel industry
    -Future stimulus spending should not go towards the fossil fuel industry, which threatens our health through air and water pollution and climate change. Indeed, air pollution from fossil fuels exacerbates the risks and impacts of the coronavirus.
    -Enforce fiscal oversight of financial institutions to guarantee that stimulus money is not invested in the fossil fuel industry.

Your leadership is especially urgent given that the same communities and workers overburdened by fossil fuel pollution are also the most vulnerable to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in clean energy will create and sustain green jobs that lay the foundation for a sustainable and healthy future.

Thank you for your consideration.

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