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The River is an independent news outlet that seeks to provide a regional lens on topics of national importance by producing in-depth, quality journalism and analysis for the Hudson Valley and Catskills regions. Journalism is essential to a functioning democracy, and the need for local reporting that engages with the issues is urgent. Our mission is to help our community better understand itself. In this way, we believe we can contribute to a more vibrant, informed, and engaged region. Locally, we’re fortunate to have some great community-based local publications, owned and created in the Hudson Valley. But only some of our communities are lucky in this way. In fact, many areas in the region have no local coverage, and others don’t have more community coverage than afforded by the police blotter or Facebook posts. The River endeavors to produce fair, honest, and accurate reporting and analysis of the issues of the day—and how they affect residents of the Hudson Valley and Catskills. If this kind of journalism is important to you, you can support it today by becoming a member or by donating. Every little bit helps us do more good work. We launched in October of 2018.

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